Men's Basketball League General Rules

KMLB Group Men’s Basketball League Rules

Rules and Regulation

2020 Season


  1. Each team is guaranteed 6 regular season games.

  2. The league schedule and standings will be listed on the KMLB Group website.

  3. In the event of any team having a tie record with another team the following criteria below will determine who wins the tiebreaker. Tiebreaker will be determined based on head to head record, point differential, or forfeited (The team that forfeited doing the season will lose the tiebreaker).

  4. After the regular season has finished the top 6 teams will qualify for the playoffs depending on the league size.

  5. The playoffs will be a single elimination tournament. Depending on the league size the top 2 seeds will receive a first round bye.

  6. The team that wins the league championship will receive a team champion trophy and team championship t-shirts.

Player Eligibility/Roster

  1. Players must be at least 18 years old.

  2. Teams must submit their completed roster form before their second game.

  3.  Roster additions or changes are not permitted after the start of the third regular season game.

  4. Each team must inform the league who the team’s manager is prior to the first game. This will allow the commissioner to better contact teams.


League Rules           

  1. Games will consist of two twenty minutes halves.

  2. Teams will jump ball to start the game and to start possible overtime.

  3. Teams will be given an 8 minute grace period to have a minimum of four players for the game to start. If a team does not have 4 players after the grace period that team will receive a forfeit and the other team receives the win.

  4. Each team must have the same color jersey with a numbers on the back.

  5. Teams can make substitutions on dead balls when whistled in by the game officials.

  6. The running clock will only stop during timeouts and the last minute of the second half for free throws.

  7. Teams will be given 2 one minute timeouts per half and 1 timeout per overtime.

  8. Players foul out at 5 personal fouls.

  9. Team will be in the 1 & 1 bonus after the team’s 7th foul.

  10. The first overtime period will be 2 minutes. The second overtime will be 1 minute. The third overtime period will be won by the first team to score.

  11. The clock will continue running if team if a team is down by 20 or more points with 7 minutes left in the half.

  12. Technical fouls will award the opposing team 2 free throws and the ball.

  13. Unsportsmanlike plays or flagrant fouls will award the opposing team 2 free throws and the ball.

  14. Any player who receives 2 technical fouls in a game will be disqualified from that game. 

  15. If your team needs to forfeit a game please email the league commission the Wednesday before the game.

  16. Any rules not mention here will be determined by the 2 game officials.

  17. In the event in which one of the two referees are unable to make the game the game will be officiated by one referee.

Additional Information

  1. Please check the league website or send the league commissioner an email if you have any additional questions. (